Erectile dysfunction pills

For men, a lot of their self-confidence and their feelings of power come from the size of their member. And if they are not blessed with something substantial, they sometimes feel like they just aren’t enough – especially when it comes to pleasing their women. The size of man’s penis can affect all areas of his life – not just his sex life. It can affect their confidence on the job and in their day to day relationships. But it does not have to be that way.

Men who are interested in increasing their penis size often spend years – sometimes many years – trying to find something that can help them. And more often than not, they are disappointed because more male enhancement products just don’t work. They are filled with false promises that appeal to a guy’s basic desires – to be able to be the best in bed and to be able to please his woman with a large penis that can make her moan with pleasure. But Extenze is different.

One of the things that truly makes Ed pills unique is that it is made with a combination of medical grade ingredients and natural herbs that give strong and lasting results. Each ingredient has been chosen carefully with specific properties in mind. The result is the ability to keep an erection longer and to stay harder because of the increase blood flow to the penis. Without prescriptions, awkward gadgets that you want to keep hidden away, or painful surgeries that you don’t want to explain, you can have the bigger penis that you want. Extenze comes in the form of a simple tablet that can truly make a difference in your life.
Customers who use Erectile dysfunction pills appreciate that it is safe, too. There are no narcotics or artificial ingredients. The formula is safe to use and it does what it is supposed to do. It increases your endurance and your penis size and it does not put your health at risk. All it really does is let more blood flow into the three erectile chambers of the penis – nothing artificial, just an enhancement of what is supposed to happen anyway.

Many men want to have better penis health and more satisfying results when they are in bed but they shy away from products that are supposed to help. And most of the time, that is a good thing, because other products just leave your wallet feeling light. Sometimes, they even put your health at risk. But Extenze is different. Why? Quite simply – because it

When men go looking for a way to improve their sex life, there are people lined up and ready to exploit their need to last longer, have bigger endowments, or just be able to perform the way they expect. Normally one of these companies relies on bogus ‘herbal supplement’ claims, or they blast advertisements that promise, but have no evidence to back them up. Usually these companies rise and fall without anyone noticing, but sometimes one of these companies grows large enough that their scam reaches national levels, such as with the male enhancement product Erectile dysfunction pills.

Enzyte, originally founded by Steven Warshak managed to grow their bogus business through unsubstantiated medical claims, and claims that their particular brand of drug could make a man larger. This company grew large enough that they were able to purchase air time on most major networks and even had their own company spokesman, “Smilin’ Bob” and they also managed to aquire NASCAR sponsorship and representation. This advertising managed to encourage men to try out their supplement, with the claim that if it doesn’t work the consumer would get double their money back.

In 2006 civil and criminal charges were leveled against the producers of Enzyte, claiming fraudulent business practices. Customers were automatically charged month after month for their pills, over $250 dollars per month even after they attempted to cancel their accounts. There were also claims that consumers were convinced to sign away their ‘double the refund’ claim, or when someone made a claim, that claim was ignored. In other cases representatives from Enzyte demanded men produce a notarized copy of a medical report that the drug did not work to their satisfaction. Since this essentially made men produce a document that stated they medically have a small penis, Erectile dysfunction pills continued to bilk their customers out of millions of dollars.

In 2008 the courts found the owner of Erectile dysfunction pills guilty of fraud, and fined him personally $93,000 and filed a ruling against the company in the amount of $500 million dollars. Steven Warshak also was sentenced to 25 years in jail for his guilty verdicts on charges of conspiracy, money laundering, mail, wire, and bank fraud. The company still exists, as a company Pristine Bay purchased it and they changed the company’s name to Vianda LLC.. There are ways that a man can find safe male enhancement, but Erectile dysfunction pills proves that for every way that a man can improve their performance there will be dozens out there just looking to prey on their self-image and wish to be better for their lover.

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